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What our clients are saying about Camarillo Fit4mom

The hardest part is making yourself go to class »

April A.

“I absolutely LOVE Fit4Mom Camarillo -Stroller Strides and you should give it a shot, your first class is FREE! You get to workout outside in beautiful Camarillo with your children with you (no yucky gym daycare). The kiddos sit in their strollers with toys, books, snacks, maybe even an Ipad, while you devote 1 hour of a day to yourself to workout! I joined in June 2013 and went to class frequently for an entire year. My husband is in the military and we had to leave in July 2014, but I miss Stroller Strides and all the amazing mom friends and children....I miss the laughter through the sweating! There was monthly mom nights out and weekly play groups and fantastic full body workouts that were varied Mon/Wed/Fri. The best location if you're going to try out a class is at Hartley Botanica on Fridays, feels like you're working out in paradise! My only regret was not joining Stroller Strides sooner. Leah is an awesome instructor who will push you and give you a whole body workout. The hardest part is making yourself go to class, but you never regret a workout! If you go to class...


Stroller Strides is a great workout that works all muscle groups »

Anjou C.

I joined Stroller Strides when my first son was six weeks old. I had virtually no mom friends and felt entirely alone trying to adjust to my new role. The instructors and the other moms were so welcoming, from the get go, I never felt out of place. I have made great friends in this group. A bad morning is remedied by getting out and going to class. I did reformer Pilates before becoming pregnant, and I could no longer afford those classes and thought that I would not be able to get that workout any other way but Stroller Strides is a great workout that works all muscle groups, I was able to not only lose the baby weight but also an extra 10 pounds! There's no doubt about it, Stroller Strides has been good for my mind, body and soul!


It is one of my favorite activities to do with my son »

Heidi B.

I've been going to Camarillo FIT4MOM - Stroller Strides for about five months, and while I'm relatively new to the group, it is one of my favorite activities to do with my son. The instructors are encouraging and sensitive to all fitness levels - including brand newly postpartum and pregnant mamas, and they include modifications to make the workouts easier or harder based on individual needs. The other moms in the group are also encouraging, very welcoming, and have already become some great friends that I'm sure I'll be glad to know for years to come. It's just a great way to start the day and spend the morning, and it's a really fun way to stay mommy fit! I'd recommend Camarillo FIT4MOM - Stroller Strides to any mom looking for a good workout with great friends.


I get an awesome work-out that hits every muscle group each class »

Jessica P.

I have been going to Camarillo Stroller Strides for over 7 years. I LOVE it! I have built amazing friendships there and my kids have too. All three kids look forward to going to Stroller Strides and ask about it all the time. I get an awesome work-out that hits every muscle group each class. The instructors are like your very own personal trainers pushing you to do what you wouldn't do on your own or at a gym, and it is set-up for every fitness level. It is like a mommy boot camp with instructors who also care about your kids. Stroller Strides is my sanity saver! My body, mind and spirit have benefited tremendously and I am so very thankful that this resource is available to moms. Every mom can try a class out and see for themselves what all the hype is about!


I must say that exercising while you're pregnant is great »

Kara M.

I have been a member of Camarillo Stroller Strides for over 3 years. I started when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. So I came without a stroller. I am now pregnant with my third child. I must say that exercising while you're pregnant is great. It helps you bounce back better and loose weight faster after your baby is born. I look forward going to class every time. I've been there rain or shine and they have classes to work around the weather. The instructors are like your personal trainers. If I didn't go to stroller strides I would never make it to the gym. I never exercised before Stroller Strides and now I love to exercise. it makes me feel better physically and emotionally. I have wrist issues so they're always happy to give me a modification for an exercise. The group of women who go to Stroller Strides are so nice and welcoming. I always find myself getting great advice if I ever have a mommy question. Hands down Stroller Strides is one of the best decisions I've ever made.


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