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#Repost @fit4mom.goldenisles with @get_repost ・・・ #Repost @fit_4_mom with @get_repost ・・・ Sweet potatoes two ways! 🥔 “Sweet potatoes are high in many important nutrients. They contain a good amount of fiber as well as vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese and several other vitamins and minerals. In addition to the nutrients above, sweet potato nutrition also contains riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium and iron” (Dr. Axe, 2018). Would you rather try the left or the right? 📷 @lizhwangbo

They are always watching!! #Repost @4kids2moms with @get_repost ・・・ Children learn even when we’re not teaching them. 🌼 . . . . . . #4kids2moms #qotd #wordstoliveby #wordstoremember #learning #earlylearning101 #rolemodel #homeschool #montessori #toddlerlearning #toddlerplay #momsofinstagram #dadsofinstagram #momlife #dadlife #momsofig #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodunplugged #parents #parenting #sahm #stayathomemom #momblogger #mommyblogger #canadianmom #lovelysquares #documentyourdays

Okay, @vospermama here getting personal. Did you know 1 in 3 mother’s give birth via c-section? And having 1 c-section greatly increases your chances of having a repeat c-section. I am 1 in 3. I’ve had 2 cesareans, the first an emergency after a very long labor, the second scheduled and smooth sailing. The second time I advocated for a “family centered cesarean” and got to hold my son in my arms as soon as he was born, we got to nurse right away and he came to recovery (everything opposite to this happened the first time). All of this greatly helped my physical and emotional recovery. Cesarean birth IS birth. Cesarean mama are brave, strong and beautiful! Sharing one of my favorite @scarymommy blogs.

Lets be friends! 📷: @moderndaywonderland #FIT4MOM #Fit4Baby #strollerstrides #strollerbarre #BodyBack #fitmomsrock #workout #fitness #allthemoms #camarillofitmoms #momsofcamarillo #fitnessformomandbaby #funforbaby #fitmom #strongmoms #shestridesistroll #prenatalfitness #postpartumfitness #motivation #determination #stronglikemom #healthychoices #strongbodystrongmind #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal @FIT_4_MOM #ourvillage #findyourvillage #Fit4MomCamarillo

Did you know #Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys, and that boys are five times more likely than girls to be diagnosed? (Autism Speaks, 2018). According to Autism Speaks, autism prevalence figures are growing; it is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the United States. At #FIT4MOM, we believe in the power of a village and the sisterhood behind motherhood; no mama should ever feel alone; whether it’s in her own personal health journey or her family’s. We believe in the #strengthinmotherhood and send love today and everyday for all the strong, inspiring mamas, daddios, and little(s) facing developmental disorders. Today is World Autism Awareness Day 2018, and we're sending strength and love to all you incredibly amazing parents and kiddos! #FIT4MOM #Fit4Baby #strollerstrides #strollerbarre #BodyBack #fitmomsrock #workout #fitness #allthemoms #camarillofitmoms #momsofcamarillo #fitnessformomandbaby #funforbaby #fitmom #strongmoms #shestridesistroll #prenatalfitness #postpartumfitness #motivation #determination #stronglikemom #healthychoices #strongbodystrongmind #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal @FIT_4_MOM #ourvillage #findyourvillage #Fit4MomCamarillo

Sundays are family days in our house; we make sure to spend quality time together in the mornings and afternoons before getting ready for the busy work week ahead. One of my favorite things to do to make the week run a little smoother is to prep my toddler's lunchbox items! I make sure all the lunch items are in the same drawer, ready to grab, or prep the food that hold for a few days (cut cheese, meat, veggies, etc.). I try to pack lunches the night before school to get us out the door quicker, too! What's one way you help make your life a little easier by the time Monday rolls around? 📷: Google images, my laundry doesn’t look that neat 😂


#FIT4MOM franchising appeals to Millennial moms because they can grow and develop businesses that positively impact their communities, continue to contribute to the household finances, and arrange their schedules to fit their families’ needs—all while receiving FIT4MOM’s direction and support to help create a successful enterprise. Entrepreneur Magazine recently listed FIT4MOM in an article on the top 10 franchise opportunities for 2018, as fitness franchises have tremendous growth potential with a low start-up cost. Read more about millennial momprenuership in our article in Working Mother Magazine below:

Join us! Check our class schedule for a class time that works for you!

Today we're featuring #OurVillage, our free playgroups for any mama already part of our FIT4MOM Camarillo village or not! ALL mamas welcome! We also plan mom's night outs, family days, and other get-togethers. We offer Our Village playgroups on Monday’s after class but check out our full schedule at for more info on our local activities and more!

"There seems to be a rise in women's health issues that have gone untalked about in previous generations. Today, we're talking about #endometriosis, a disease that affects 1/10 women. The primary symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, which can be associated with a woman's period, or 24/7, and pain can increase over time, but there are a variety of signs and symptoms. Unfortunately, #endo, as it’s also known by, can only be diagnosed by a surgical diagnosis through a laparoscopy and an OBGYN or general surgeon sending tissue pathology samples to the lab for confirmation. Via the Mayo Clinic, here are some common symptoms of endometriosis: Painful periods (dysmenorrhea). Pelvic pain and cramping may begin before your period and extend several days into your period. Lower back and abdominal pain. Pain with intercourse; during or after sex Pain with bowel movements or urination. Excessive bleeding and heavy periods (menorrhagia) and/or bleeding and spotting between periods (menometrorrhagia). Infertility. Endometriosis is first diagnosed in some women who are seeking treatment for infertility. Chronic fatigue. GI issues like diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, during or not during your period. With endo, ""the severity of your pain isn't necessarily a reliable indicator of the extent of the condition. Some women with mild endometriosis have intense pain, while others with advanced endometriosis may have little pain or even no pain at all"" (Mayo Clinic, 2018). ""Endometriosis is sometimes mistaken for other conditions that can cause pelvic pain, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or ovarian cysts. It may be confused with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition that causes bouts of diarrhea, constipation and abdominal cramping. IBS can accompany endometriosis, which can complicate the diagnosis. Contact your primary physician and your OBGYN if you have signs and symptoms that may indicate endometriosis; it can be a challenging condition to manage. An early diagnosis, a multidisciplinary medical team and an understanding of your diagnosis may result in better management of your symptoms"" (Mayo Clinic, 2018). " #endometriosis #womenshealth

"The phase of the year may be ""the future is female,"" but it should also be ""raise kind humans."" As mothers, we are shaping future generations through teaching, empowering, leading by example, and parenting the best we know how. Strong mamas are the future and so are strong, kind humans. How magical we get the chance to raise, nurture, and shape our little ones into the incredible children, teens, and adults they will become. Read our ""Raising Strong, Brave, Open-Minded Daughters and Sons"" post on the blog:";

Today we celebrate every woman. You’re a rock star mama. You’re killin it and we see you! Keep it up. ❤️ #fit4mom #momsofcamarillo #FIT4MOM #Fit4Baby #strollerstrides #strollerbarre #BodyBack #fitmomsrock #workout #fitness #allthemoms #camarillofitmoms #camarillo #fitnessformomandbaby #funforbaby #fitmom #strongmoms #shestridesistroll #prenatalfitness #postpartumfitness #motivation #determination #stronglikemom #healthychoices #strongbodystrongmind #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal @FIT_4_MOM #ourvillage #findyourvillage #Fit4MomCamarillo

Let's get together for our next mama's night out! Come join us from 5:45 to 9pm at the Simi Iceoplex where we will be doing Olympic Figure Skating! Kidding. No Olympians here, just ice skating! We can't wait to unplug and spend time with our community, our village, our mama tribe. Check out our Facebook group for the details!

Moms! This is what a Village looks like. Support. Hope. Love. This amazing group of mamas just like ours, has come together to support one of their own. Our thoughts and prayers are with #TeamSarah 💛#Repost @fit4momjensenbeach with @get_repost ・・・ HOPE & LOVE || These two words go hand in hand, as does #ourvillage as we stand behind Sarah’s fight against cancer. Each mama wore a yellow HOPE ring that symbolized sarcoma cancer, and the heart... well that was to remind Sarah how much we love her! 💛💛 #FIT4MOM #round2oftreatment #teamsarah #yougotthismama❤️ #handinhand #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal #wegotyourback #loveyousarah

I am woman. I refuse to be defined by a number on the scale or a number on the tag of my jeans. I am so much more than what someone sees on the outside. I am powerful. I am influential. I am confident. I am worthy. I am unique. I am a mother. I am strong. I am the definition of strength and resilience. I am woman. I am woman. I am woman. And that is more than enough.

March Reminders and Announcements

Sooooo much going on this month, please read till the end! Hi mamas, Another month over, another fantastic month is ahead! We have so much to be concerned with in our lives, please remember that by taking care of YOU, you are gaining the strength for motherhood! Remember to put on your own oxygen ta...

Dr. Seuss' birthday, Playgroups, Mom's Night out & a Marathin, OH MY!

#repost @scissortailsilk How do you speak to yourself mama? Are you harsh or kind? Be kind to yourself, give yourself credit for making it through the week or even through the day. Give yourself credit for doing just ONE load of laundry. You’ve got this mama! Actually, you’re totally killing it!!!


Studio Channel Islands is an art gallery of a local nonprofit group. It features rotating exhibits, artist studios & a gift shop with handmade items. Art classes are available for kids and adults!